Mind Mastery begins

January 14th 2020

4-Week Tele-Class

Awaken Your Heart -- Connect To Your Soul

Change Your  Thoughts -- Change Your Life

Bring Forth The Creative Expression of Your Soul


Our thoughts and emotions are the fabric for every experience  we will have here on earth. Your thoughts and emotions can bring forth the creative expression of your soul or they can keep you locked into patterns of behavior that keep you from manifesting the dreams and visions of your soul.    


Unbeknownst to you old outdated beliefs and patterns are fueling your thoughts and your life. 


These old beliefs override your conscious mind until you release them.  You tell yourself you are powerful but an ancient message stored in the subconscious mind holds you prisoner and you never fully step into your power. 

Consciously you affirm money flows to you. You don't believe in sacristy but stored in your mind and cellular memory are beliefs that life is hard -- or you have the starvation pattern.  These old ancient beliefs will override your conscious mind until you release them and replace the, with new ones. 

The good news is we don't have to  stay prisoners to old outdated beliefs and patterns. 

This class focuses on teaching you how to embody being the creative force in your life. The simple and very specific “Catch and Release Process” is taught so that you may begin to truly understand how to become the master of your own mind and life.

The Catch and Release Process will teach you how to:


Identify your old outdated beliefs and patterns

Qualify the belief - is it true

Release the belief 




  • Catch and Release old, outdated beliefs which are standing in your way from creating an abundant life. 

  • Let go of the fears which block you from fully stepping into a life of empowerment. 

  • Meet your Inner Child  who has not felt the power of unconditional love. 

  • Release relationships that keep you "Playing Small" or pulled into drama. 

  • Learn how to travel into the Akashic Records  

  • You will learn how to create a vision board that is fueled by visions instand of wishes. 

  • By using Katye Anna’s Three Spiritual Keys for Empowered Living you will learn how to work with the universe to create an empowered, soul guided life. 

Next Session Begins January 14th 2020


Class meets once a week for four weeks. Every class has a different focus, and every call is different. There will be time to process with Katye Anna during each class.

At the time of the class, you will call a number and participate via your phone. If you cannot attend every class, the classes are recorded and sent to you afterward so you won’t miss any information.

Class 8:00 to 10:00 PM EST beginning January 14th 2020

Includes a 15 minute energy of you reading with Katye Anna

Cost: $100.00

No refund after first class or reading

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