Birthing Into Spirit Workshop with Katye Anna 


I think everyone has sat by the bedside of someone they loved feeling helpless as a loved one is birthing into spirit. 


During this workshop, Katye Anna will help you look at physical death as a part of the journey of the soul.  Armed with new insights and tools you will never again have to sit by feeling helpless because you will be able to help your loved one birth into spirt.  


Excerpts from Birthing Into Spirit: 

“There comes a time in everyone’s journey when life on earth comes to an end. The sacred journey of the incarnated soul begins to move its energy and consciousness toward birthing into spirit. 


To help someone birth into spirit we must first deal with our own fears of death. We view death as taking someone away from us. In truth, our loved ones are on their own path and joined with our lives for soul growth and soul expansion. We do not have ownership of our loved ones.


We create space for those birthing into spirit by honoring the time we have had together. We create space by honoring the spark of Creator God which gives us life also continues even after physical death.

This workshop counts toward hours for our Birthing Into Spirit Program (Click for more information)

During this workshop we will: 

* Discuss what “birthing into spirit” is.
* Discuss our personal beliefs about physical death.
* Learn how to space for 
the person birthing into spirit and their family. 
* Examine our beliefs about the afterlife, what is it and where it is.
* Experience and learn “The Letting Go Meditation”.